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Uh...A New Series...Maybe?

2008-01-04 21:48:47 by NorthAmericaProduct

I am starting a new series called Volcano Island, I think? I'm not sure if I'm making it or not. This time when I do this flash,
I'm going to write a script first, instead of just doing it.
Volcano Island is an idea I got from watching a show called Total Drama Island it's kind of a stupid show but
my brother was watching it, I was bored, and I just started watching. Total Drama Island is about 22 teenagers that go to
an old camp site and go through challenges to try and be the last one there, kinda like Survivor. Every week one person
gets kicked off the show. In Total Drama Island, they just get kicked off by the host, but as you probably know, in Survivor,
they get voted off.
In Volcano Island, you will vote off the players. Yup, that's right, you will e-mail me your
least favourite player, or who you want to leave, I'll tally up the votes, and the loaser will be the one to go. Now that's some enjoyment. I might
have an episode out every week until everyone's gone. I might have one just whenever, I'm not sure if I'll have any at all.
Just letting you know what I'm up to.
Volcano Island is about 12 people. 6 guys, 6 girls, that go away, together on an island, and compete for the prize of
being aloud to live! There will be shocking twists along the way, and sometimes it will be your votes that make them. So keep watching for VOLCANO ISLAND!

Also, Please, Tell me if you could help voice act.
I need a voice for:

guys (I need these voices):
Todd "Layed Back, 20 Year Old, No Future Ahead Of Him"
Paul "Pierced Kid from Juvie, 18 years old, punk, mean"
Michael "Nerdy College Kid, 19"
Julien "Redneck, 17"
Marcus "Jock, not very intellegent, 18"

GUYS (I don't need these voices):
Peter "Just a normal 20 year old, in college, everything going good"

Girls (NEED BADLY) haven't thought age or personality yet:

I need so much help! Please comment if you can do a voice.
You will be credited for it!!!

Click Here To View My Part

I'm not sure if this will make it into the collab but this is the part i decided to do!
Hope you like it
It didn't take long but i think it looks good


New Badge!

2008-01-02 16:18:36 by NorthAmericaProduct

I got a new badge everyone!

New Badge!

My Card!

2008-01-01 18:42:49 by NorthAmericaProduct

Thank you Sparkwattclock

This is my Yu-Gi-Oh Card

My Card!

Philip From Beta

2007-12-31 13:56:33 by NorthAmericaProduct

Yup, Philip From Beta is officially a series. Part 1 didn't do as good as I'd hope but I'm making a promise that Part 2 will be much better. Part 1 was released really early this morning. Around 4:00 am. I had to wait a long time before I could see if it made it because no one's really on that late.
I'm not working on Part 2 right now like you may think, but instead I'm working on a flash called Stealth V1. It's about a guy named, Gary Radcliffe, and he's trying to kill a man, because it's his job. He can do lots of crazy shit!
I hope it does good. I'm trying to get a BA of 3.00 or higher to start a collab with Onaz. He's a recent friend I met on newgrounds.


2007-12-29 19:33:14 by NorthAmericaProduct

Basically, what do you think about this background?
It's part of a collab I'm making with Onaz and some other friends .. Check the forums for The Recycle Bin Collab, do you can join.


As you know I said I was going to enhance "Cole's New Grounds". But guess what?
Now I'm basically too pissed of to do it and i just don't feel like it anymore.

My New Grounds

2007-12-26 15:23:20 by NorthAmericaProduct

As you most-likely know, I made a "My New Grounds" flash last week.
I definitely got some good advice and suggestions. After watch my own flash video over and over, I noticed all these flaws. So I am now editing My New Grounds to make it 10x better.
Thanks to MarcyVF. I was trying so hard to find a site with sound fx. I watched his "My New Grounds" flash and he said in the Author Comments that there was a site called and

~ Cole ~

The Waterloo

2007-12-24 14:12:25 by NorthAmericaProduct


The Waterloo

New Banner

2007-10-28 20:56:36 by NorthAmericaProduct

Check Out My New Banner

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